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AFTER project addresses the challenges posed by the need for vulnerability evaluation and contingency planning of the energy grids and energy plants considering also the relevant ICT systems used in protection and control. Project emphasis is on cascading events that can cause catastrophic outages of the electric power systems.
The main addressed problems are related to high impact wide spread multiple contingencies, the most significant wide area criticality. This kind of contingencies and the following cascading effects can be caused by either natural threats (e.g. lightnings, storm, fires, floods) or human related threats (e.g. deliberate acts of terrorism, sabotage, human errors) or even a combination of both.
In particular, two major objectives are addressed.
The first is to develop a methodology and tool for the integrated, global vulnerability analysis and risk assessment of the interconnected Power Systems considering interdependencies with ICT (Information Communication Technology) systems. The adoption of risk concepts leads to a more in-depth, quantitative evaluation of the security of the electrical power system. Moreover, linking threats to system contingencies permits to dynamically change the set of (single and multiple) contingencies under investigation according to current environmental conditions. This allows to fully exploit large set of data (big data) coming from on-line monitoring systems available at TSOs’ control centers. A fundamental outcome of the tool consists in risk-based ranking list of contingencies, which can help operators decide where to deploy possible control actions.
The second objective is to develop algorithms and tools supporting contingency planning in a two-fold approach: A language to model defence plans functionalities and ICT architecture is developed. New defence plan concepts are also introduced to cope with emergency situations.

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